Tony’s Crib is the leading Hip Hop Fashion Retail Outlet in South Africa. Established since 1997, when the urban landscape in South Africa started changing and with the new Hip Hop music came a new fashion sensibility.

Tony’s Crib has been a pioneer in providing the American urban fashions in South Africa ever since. We pride ourselves with providing the freshest street swagga (fashion forward street-wear) that are aimed at the young affluent members of society.

The Tony's Crib mission is to offer high fashion streetwear that is of exceptional quality but at affodable prices

Our customers are high fashion trend setters who are looked up.

Our Sunnyside Branch serves countless out-of-state and international visitors –and the fame of our products has grown into other African Countries such as Angola, Ethiopia; Namibia, Nigeria and Ghana.

Tony’s Crib has built its success over the last 10 years by offering the latest styles from the leading Hip Hop brands.

Tony’s Crib is all about high fashion glamorosity which sets Tony’s Crib a cut above the rest. Presenting the brands of the famous American Hip Hop artists such as Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyonce, 50 Cent to name just a few, Tony’s Crib provides you with all things Fabulous giving you the exclusivity you deserve!!